Alison was born in Louisiana the second of four children. She spent much of her childhood in Louisiana and Las Vegas, later moving to Florida with her family. Alison was interested in people from a very young age, and the exposure to people of different regions, religions, and backgrounds fueled her compassion and curiosity to learn more. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of North Florida where she focused on research in anxiety and social fears in children. Later she attended the University of Central Florida where she further researched anxiety and identity. There she earned her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.

Alison has worked with a wide variety of clients from children to adults and uses a trauma-informed model in her practice. She works from the perspective of the mind body connection and incorporates mindfulness and each individual’s unique form of spirituality into her work. Alison also incorporates cognitive behavioral forms of therapy when working with clients with anxiety, mood disorders, depression, addiction, as well as behavioral and identity concerns in children and teens.

Alison goals to create a compassionate and non-judgmental space where her clients can heal and grow. She believes the human experience is beautiful thing we all have in common. It can also be difficult at times. We are all bound to struggle, and during those times you do not have to question alone.

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