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These are very unique times we’re all living in, and now more than ever, it’s essential to take proactive measures that help promote a healthy, balanced mindset.

At Tracy Riley Counseling in Jacksonville, we genuinely understand the emotional and psychological challenges so many are struggling with today. Whether it’s a hectic schedule, mobility or transportation issues, or an increased desire to stay safe during COVID-19, we offer convenient online counseling services to help you find the strength and balance you need, all from the comforts of your home or office.

Regardless of what you may be struggling with, our staff of highly-experienced licensed counselors make it safe and easy to get the support you need to live a life that’s enjoyable, rewarding and ready for whatever the future may bring.

  • Convenient online counseling sessions built around your schedule
  • A team of dedicated and compassionate counselors and therapists
  • Eliminates the possibility of running into someone you may know
  • Single, weekly or monthly sessions based on your unique needs
  • All virtual consultations are safe and secured for your peace of mind

If you’ve been struggling to make sense of the many changes the world has seen over the past year, you’re certainly not alone. Millions are suffering as the world adapts to what’s been dubbed the new normal. But make no mistake; you’re not in this alone, and getting the support you need doesn’t require time off work or the stress of making it to your appointment.


To learn more about the benefits of our virtual counseling sessions or to schedule your first online session, get in touch with Tracy Riley Counseling and we’ll do our very best to help.

We’re located at 11555 Central Parkway in Jacksonville, FL and can be reached by phone at 904-704-2527 anytime during regular office hours, or write to us through our secure, confidential contact page.

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