A month ago I started a journey and I haven’t shared with too many, but I wanted to share with everyone because I am over the moon at the results so far!

I struggle with weight issues as well as several different medical conditions that aren’t nice to the weight loss process. I have tried many of the diets and none of them have showed me success. I have gone to my Doctor several times about my weight issues and the fact that I am worried about my overall health (I do have a 22-month-old I have to keep up with).

At the beginning of the year I was working on some marketing material for one of my clients, who also happens to be one of my dear friends, “aunts”, and someone I have found myself turning to often with the ongoing battle I have after losing Anna. So, after working and learning more about one of her programs I spoke with her to see if she thought it could also help me, I had seen great results from her other clients. And she said YES! So, after several discussions on how to make it work, she put together an audio program for me.  I even spoke with my local doctor to get his opinion and he told me to absolutely go for it! 

On November 14, 2018 I started my Virtual Gastric Bypass hypnosis!! Yes, HYPNOSIS! I have recorded my results every Friday since then. Well, this past Friday was my one month weigh in and I am proud to say I have LOST 15 pounds! Yes, 15 pounds in one month and over Thanksgiving!!! For me to say I am excited is an understatement, but I am!

It has been a simple process and honestly, I have not experienced any of the “diet” side effects. I can’t really tell you I am on a diet! I have enjoyed my food, not experienced any hunger sensations (like I haven’t ate). I have made some small changes to what we are eating but nothing that is very noticeable. It has been fun, stress free and most importantly I am seeing results! 

This is a program that I would recommend. And before this I wasn’t sure about hypnosis but now, I am a believer that it can and will help you. 

Thank you, Dr. Tracy Riley LCSW, you are helping me change my life for the better! Thank you for your support, encouragement and just being there for me.

January Update: 

It’s the two month mark and I am down 20 pounds!  A lot of the weight is coming from my stomach area.  It is not “hanging” as low and I can tell a lot! I am going to have to go purchase a new item to hang up, I can officially fit in the original outfit I bought. I’m already down 2 sizes.  This is 20 pounds gone over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my son’s 2nd birthday.  It’s coming off slowly and gradually.

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