Four primary weight release audio files, along with a recommended schedule

Session 1 

This first session sets the stage for the entire program.  Using guided imagery, you will experience the sights and the sounds and have a hypnotic journey that places a band at the top part of your stomach; allowing you to feel fuller faster, and satisfied sooner.

Session 2

The second session will reinforce the surgical experience of the previous week, and will use metaphors to strengthen and emphasize the changes you are making.  There are also aversion techniques used to help you eliminate any particular foods you may identify as part of the problem in your desire to forever release weight.

Session 3

The third session allows you consider your motivation for living your life and choosing to engage in your goals.  The first part of the program gives you the tools to jump in to life, no longer sitting on the sidelines, wishing, wanting, or observing those around you.  The second part of this week’s session gives you an opportunity to let go of anything it may be time to let go of that may be holding you back.

Session 4

The fourth session is a reinforcement procedure of the original work done in week one.  This part of the program also reinforces exercise as a vital component of healthy living, as well as increasing your desire to drink more water each and every day.  The final part of this session will reinforce a stop snacking mentality, utilizing 3 small meals a day.

Daily Reinforcement Session 

This daily session allows you to have a short refresher and reinforcement of the entire program.  Listen to this 19 minute program a minimum of once a day; either before your biggest meal of the day, first thing in the morning, or before your evening meal.

The Resources Needed for Continued Success

Complete access to the tools you need to succeed, there is no guesswork! By following the instructional guides, eight simple guidelines will be automatically and naturally be reinforced. You will instantly notice how your mind resets itself regarding food. We also include a personal Hypnotic contract, your written commitment to ensure your success.

You also receive 2 additional audio programs to increase and improve your success

Sugar Cravings 

Walk away from all sugary foods and drinks

Stop Snacking 

Alleviate all of your unwanted snacking

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