We ALL know that diets don’t work!

The weight comes off, the weight comes back.  The weight comes off; the weight comes back, even more.  We all know the cycle.  It is estimated that 95% of all people who lose weight on a diet put it all back on.

Most diets include some form of deprivation and/or denial, some involve counting calories or points which just serve to programming the mind to think about food all of the time.  Diets cause us to deny ourselves chocolate, pizza, eat different meals to the rest of the family and three things happen.  Our brain fights against this, our body fights against this and our day to day environment fights against this.

Why Diets don't work

How many times consciously every Monday morning do we say to ourselves, ‘That’s it I’m going to stop eating after I’ve had my dinner, I’m just going to eat salad.  Then usually by after a short while we’ve gone straight back to what we were doing before….miserable again.  Because most of our eating habits are deeply engrained in our subconscious mind, and given a similar set of circumstances it will roll that same program.  Your subconscious thinks it’s doing it for your own good; its helping you out, it’s doing you a great big favor.

If we consciously deny ourselves of something we want it even more.  If we can eat a little less than we need but we can eat anything we want, we can lose weight.  Cutting out our favorite foods is a bad idea.  Cutting down how much someone eats of it is doable and sustainable.

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