When families face the heart-wrenching complexities of child custody disputes, the primary concern is always the well-being and happiness of the children involved. Social Investigations, once known as custody evaluations, play a crucial role in ensuring these interests are prioritized in court decisions regarding parenting plans and time-sharing arrangements. Spearheaded by Dr. Tracy Riley and her team, who have conducted hundreds of these evaluations, our work as impartial, neutral parties offers invaluable insights into the dynamics of family life, ensuring that children's needs are at the forefront of legal decisions. 

Social Investigations, guided by the expertise of Dr. Riley and her team, entail a thorough and objective assessment of each parent's ability to meet their children's needs. Key components of this evaluation include:

  • Home Visits and Observations: Conducting visits to the caregivers' homes, the team observes interactions between children and adults in parenting roles, offering a unique window into daily family life.
  • Screening for Safety: Screening for domestic violence and abuse is a critical aspect, with all allegations rigorously investigated or reported to ensure the child’s safety.
  • Comprehensive Contacts: The investigation extends to speaking with other residents, as well as professionals like teachers and doctors, to garner a holistic view of the child's environment.
  • Character Assessments and Background Checks: Through interviews with character references and checks of police and court records, the team builds a comprehensive profile of each parent's background.
  • Psychometric Assessments: Evaluating mental health, the potential for abuse, and substance use, these assessments are key to presenting a detailed report to the court.

The culmination of a Social Investigation led by Dr. Riley and her team is a detailed report and recommendation, which the court may use to make informed decisions on the parenting plan. The complexity and profound impact of these evaluations underscores the importance of experienced and compassionate guidance.

If you're facing the challenges of navigating child custody, let Dr. Tracy Riley and her team offer you the support and expertise needed to ensure your child's best interests are recognized and protected. Contact Tracy Riley Counseling at 904-704-2527 today for a partner in safeguarding your child's future through this critical process.