ethical cheating by tracy riley

Ethical Cheating--It’s an oxymoron for sure. While being ethical is defined as having morals, or conforming to acceptable standards of conduct, cheating is acting dishonestly or in a way to gain an advantage. Can you be both ethical and cheat? Read on and decide for yourself. Ethical Cheating explores the Swinging Lifestyle, which characteristically includes couples, who swap or share partners.

The truth is, many people outside of the lifestyle define swinging as cheating while participants within the lifestyle see it differently. Dr. Tracy Riley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and an expert in working with individuals, couples and even celebrities within the Swinger Lifestyle. Dr. Riley is a worldwide leader in Mental Health, a best-selling author, and national speaker. She has dedicated her career to building better families and teaching others to feel empowered. She has a private practice in both Florida and New York.




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