Make The Dash Meaningful

Make The Dash Meaningful: How To Live Before You Die, How Can YOU Make Your Dash Meaningful?How Can You Live Before You Die? The Dash Is the Time Between Your Birth Date and Your Death Date. While It Is A Simple Line on Your Tombstone, It Represents Your Entire Life from Beginning To End. So, How Will You Make the Most Out of The Dash?

In This Thoughtful Book, You Will Discover:

  1. Secrets to Living Your Best Life
  2. Doing the Unthinkable
  3. Writing Your Own Obituary
  4. Purpose and Meaning
  5. Creating Your Own Happiness
  6. A New Version of Health

Dr. Riley Is an Expert in Working with Individuals, Couples and Families. Dr. Riley Is A Worldwide Leader in Mental Health, A Best-Selling Author, And National Speaker. She Has Dedicated Her Career to Building Better Families and Teaching Others to Feel Empowered.

She Has A Private Practice in Florida And New York.


You can reach Tracy Riley Counseling and JAX Hypnosis by phone at 904-704-2527 or by email through our website’s secured, confidential contact page.

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