We all have mental health. Whether good or bad, everyone has mental health challenges; like taking care of our physical and spiritual health.

For most people, physical health is much easier to understand. If we have a stomach pain or a persistent cough, we have no issues going to see the doctor or taking a pill to feel better. Regardless of what the discomfort may be, we want to quickly correct our physical discomfort.

In general, mental health is treated very differently than obvious challenges. If we feel sad, depressed, or anxious, who do we tell?  Sometimes, we confide in our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even our pets!  Yet, unfortunately, the response is often one without value, such as “cheer up!”

No one wants to feel depressed or sad or anxious; we don’t choose to feel this way. Yet those around us may feel so uncomfortable with our pain and discomfort that all they want is for it to go away; they mean well, but their words are not comforting or encouraging.

What do we do instead? We hide our pain, and sometimes very well. No one fakes being depressed, but we do fake being happy. No one fakes being anxious, but we do fake being calm.

Are you ready to make lasting changes and take care of yourself?

The author speaks candidly and inserts her southern charm to shed light on the role of therapy and how beneficial it is. She is passionate in sharing her experiences through her research, conducting interviews and seeing thousands of people

“Tracy gives a great explanation of the issues around mental health in this day and age and why it is important for us to address our need to improve ourselves in these trying times. She presents an easy-to-follow structure in the core areas that need to be addressed and gives potential solutions to the reader. I give this a five-star (*****) review of the book”. Richard Smith, Certified Hypnotist

“Mental Health Matters is written by someone who understands, both personally and professionally, what this journey is like. There are numerous ideas for self-help, how to help others, and how to relax. This book is loaded with information, support, and suggestions about facing the challenges of mental health matters, and it circles back around to ‘Little lights are all around us, even in darkness, if we do not allow our own perception to cast them out.’  Clearly and beautifully written”. Jayne Wesler, Psychotherapist and Attorney

“Dr. Tracy Riley is a genius in her field of human emotions, interaction, and communication at many different levels. Her educational accolades and personal interaction with those from many walks of life, make her a wealth of knowledge. If you are seeking answers and information without bias from a true tell-it-as-it-is expert, Dr. Riley is certain to deliver”. Jason Kropidlowski, Professional Hypnotist

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