Most likely, yes. At Tracy Riley Counseling, we are in network with the following insurance providers:

  • Florida Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield)
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Humana

Each plan is different, even for those who work in the same company. Your benefits are individualized for you. We can verify your insurance and get our best estimate of what your costs will be, if any. We will need information from you to verify your specific benefits.

Many companies offer Employee Assistance Programs. This will allow you to have 1-10 sessions at no cost to you. Check with your employer for those benefits. We are in network with most EAPs in the local Jacksonville area.

You can reach Tracy Riley Counseling and JAX Hypnosis by phone at 904-704-2527 or by email through our website’s secured, confidential contact page.

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