North America has become a grief avoidant society; we will discuss how the customs and traditions have evolved over the last several decades.

While many people use the words grief and mourning interchangeably, we will deliberate the differences between the two. 

As Mental Health Clinicians, we often focus on treating and treatment plans.  This course will allow us to gently consider being a companion and letting go of the professional role. 

There are myths and misconceptions of grief, and many are afraid to talk about it.  It doesn’t fit into the typical model of healing.  This training will allow you to consider a niche in your field that sets you apart from the others. 

Emphasis will be placed on the application of reconciliation as opposed to resolution as it relates to grief and mourning, death and dying. 

Mental Health Clinicians who work with those who mourn are forever changed, as well as those who grieve.  These few hours will allow you to acknowledge the transformative nature of grief.  Both for the professional and those you counsel.

This course is pending approval for 7 continuing education units for Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage & Family Therapists. Tracy Riley Counseling will automatically report to CE Brooker. 

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