Absolutely not! The state of Florida allows anyone to take the appropriate training and become a certified hypnotist.  This course will show you the best way to learn one of the one best hidden tools of the mind, and you can help others as well.

If you have questions, you can me today at (904) 704-2527 for your complementary “new-student” interview to discuss your goals, talk about hypnosis, and build a path for your own success.  You can also schedule via my website, using the “Schedule Free Strategy Session” that links you directly to my calendar, and we set aside a time to talk that way.

Whether you are a mental health clinician or wanting to start a new business, this hypnosis training course will the needs of anyone with an interest in helping others.  Grow your own part time or full time business. 

You can reach Tracy Riley Counseling and JAX Hypnosis by phone at 904-704-2527 or by email through our website’s secured, confidential contact page.

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